Music on recycled material and trash. Performance act and sustainable fashion

23 Aug 2020 15:122450

In "Esplananden" - a beautiful avenue in Mariehamn surounded by trees, you can enjoy a small trash-ensemble on Sunday, August 23rd. They which will play music on homemade instruments, garbage, trash and recycled material. Along with the music, you will also experience a perfromance act with a focus on our environment and the desire for closeness.

Linnea Sundblom, actor

Linnea will do a physical theater about birth, social distance, the desire to be close, the desire for closeness, wrapped in plastic.
“ – When I think about sustainability, I think of birth, the experiences we carry with us and the trails we leave behind us. It is said that we have come from soil, but if you are to believe what is said about the environment and that it is true that some substances are never broken down, does that not mean, for example, that our children will soon come from plastic? ” says Linnea.

Irina Fisun, fashiondesigner

Irina will create a suit made exclusively of recycled materials, primarily plastics and textiles. This year's theme at the hållbART-festival is "Plant a seed", and the concept is multifaceted. Among other things, we can reveal that this part of the program is a small seed, a taste of what is to come, next year. Then (during 2021´s festival) we get to see a more comprehensive fashionshow that we produce in collaboration with Irina Fisun, with the aim of raising extra focus on SDG 12, sustainable consumption and production.

Kim Jansson, Amanda Blomqvist & Anton Johansson, musicians

This is small ensemble that will create music on homemade instruments, garbage, trash and recycled material. Some of the musicians in the small ensemble are Kim Jansson, Amanda Blomqvist and Anton Johansson. In symbiosis with actor Linnea Sundblom, they will create a musical landscape and explore the musical in recycled material.

Where? In "Esplanaden", the avenue just by NIPÅ at Storagatan 9, and on livestream at, or IP-TV channel 65.
When? 23.8, at.15.00-16.00 EEST

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